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Creating experiences since 2005 ...

Our Symbol
A Red Sox?

Empathy is a key element of emotional intelligence. It is about the ability of the human being to put himself in the other's place. DMediaGroup® tries to put itself in the shoes of its clients with tailor-made solutions in the same way as a sox to the shoe.

DMediaGroup SRL® was born in 2005 with the ability to create high-impact communication products and with the firm objective of developing and strengthening its brand. DMediaGroup SRL® is supported by a group of professionals; trained to provide Visual Communication solutions in different areas according to the need of your brand.

"Design is an action plan. In other words: design is not simply making something look good, it is making someone react to seeing it." - Charles Eames / Hillman Curtis.

"We all like to be listened to, listened to and taken seriously. Empathy has to do not only with realizing how the other person feels, but also with the type of response we give to what we perceive."

Strategic Allies

Vidpresso Partner

DMediaGroup SRL local Vidpresso partner. Vidpresso is the easiest way to show a social media feed in a live productions.

CityGro Partner

The best way to capture customer data and automate marketing through an all-in-one CRM: iPad Kiosk / SMS / Email Marketing Software.

Dinahosting Partner

DMediaGroup SRL is a partner of Dinahosting, a company specialized in providing website hosting and domain registrations. Considered the largest independent company in the domain and hosting sector in Spain.


Strategic Thinking and Media Planning.


"Someone smart learns from the experience of others" - Voltaire